I used to wear Penny Hardaway jerseys and steal my older brother’s Jordans. Now I hold cameras and collaborate with others. My life goal is to be kind to others and good at filmmaking. I’m interested in stories that center around gender, race and identity. I’m a big comedy fan and most birthdays you can find me at the Comedy Cellar. I don’t think reels show how qualified you are. I refuse to cut anymore. At my wedding, I said marrying my wife will be my greatest accomplishment. I will continue to value family over work. I struggle with anxiety and depression. At my worst I’m jealous, self-conscious and closed off. At my best I’m thoughtful, fair and funny.

“At our best and most fortunate we make pictures because of what stands in front of the camera, to honor what is greater and more interesting than we are. We never accomplish this perfectly, though in return we are given something perfect—a sense of inclusion. Our subject thus redefines us, and is part of the biography by which we want to be known.”

~From Why People Photograph

“It is said that the camera cannot lie, but rarely do we allow it to do anything else, since the camera sees what you point it at: the camera sees what you want it to see. The language of the camera is the language of our dreams.”

~James Baldwin

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